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iunie 4, 2017
Woodley & Piffer (2017) found an increase of nearly 0.02 (from 0.4521 to 0.4717) of polygenic score on EDU since 3,500 years ago.
Counting the SNP discovered by the GWAS on IQ of Sniekers (2017), Davide Piffer (2017) found (http://rpubs.com/Daxide/279148) the lowest polygenic score between Europeans for Iberians (0.4535) and Tuscans (0.4579). Britsh score (0.4654) nearly 0.01 higher, and Utah-Whites (0.4747) score nearly 0.02 (exactly the increase of POLY EDU since Bronze Age, from 0.45 to 0.47) higher than the average of Iberians and Tuscans. But the polygenic count based on GWAS on EDU of Okbay (2016) found 0.01 higher scores for Iberians (0.513) and Tuscans (0.513) than for Utah-Whites (0.503) and British (0.506). Also, the count based on SNP discovered by the GWAS on EDU of Davies (2016) found 0.02 and 0.01 higher polygenic scores for Iberians (512) and Tuscans (0.501), respectively, than for Utah-Whites (0.493). It means Iberians and Tuscans could have 0.03 at 0.04 more common SNP related to EDU, but not to IQ, than Utah-Whites.
These 0.03-0.04 SNP are probably variants that favored the (auto)domestication of humans. The variants that favor domestication could have higher frequencies in Iberians and Tuscans because the higher Neolithic ancestry of these peoples than more Northern peoples, and because their faster entrance in a complex civilization.
Also, it is possible the common variants related to domestication increased even more than 0.02 since Bronze Age, but common SNP related on IQ could decrease during last 3,500 years.

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