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Decembrie 17, 2015

October 21st, 2015

One year ago, the genome of a Cro-Magnon who had lived 36.000 years before us in western Russia, in Kostenki, has been analysed, results emphasizing that the northern paleolithic man was superior in both intelligence and character to the contemporary man.

From all current populations of Europe, the most genetically related to the Kostenki Man are the northern ones. These populations also have the highest IQ. And these, again, have the strongest character.

The more genetically similar to Cro-Magnon, the more intelligent a population is. Drifting away from Cro-Magnon and, implicitly, from his superior intelligence, took place through genetic mutations (most of which were unfavorable) unsanctioned by natural selection and passed on to subsequent generations.

Northern people were the last to drop the paleolithic hunter lifestyle and they lived in a harsh environment which did not allow for large populations. In a numerically reduced population, there are less genetic mutations. And these mutations are, on the other hand, eliminated by the action of a greater selection pressure, imposed by a northern climate and by a hunter’s lifestyle. It is, thus, easy to understand why, from all present day Europeans, the northern European is the most genetically related to the Cro-Magnon Man, and why the northern people have a higher IQ, and why the Cro-Magnon had a considerably higher intelligence than all current populations.

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