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Februarie 28, 2012

Ever since the emergence of computer-based tomography and magnetic resonance technologies, all studies that sought a connection between brain volume and intelligence have found a positive correlation. Statistically, those with larger brains are more intelligent than those with smaller brain volumes. In addition, brain volume and IQ are largely hereditary.

In spite of these indisputable results, which anyone can find in scientific publications from the past 20 years, promoters of political correctness still spread the lie in the general press that there is no link between brain size and intelligence. These advocates of a new Inquisition of Science, however, do not shy away from explaining the entire anthropogenesis through a growth in brain size, which enabled a growth in intelligence, as a consequence of a higher pressure of natural selection exerted precisely on intelligence. What has been true for millions of years simply disappears today, as if through magic, under the ideological order of political correctness.

The priests of racism do not deny the correlation between intelligence and brain volume, but instead use it to justify a lie: superior races (Caucasians and Mongoloids) have evolved during the last Ice Age and, since then, nothing has changed or will ever change again. Racists notice that the brains of Africans from the Sub-Saharan region are a few tens of cubic centimetres smaller than those of Eurasians and that Africans from the same region have an inferior IQ by a few dozens of points. This is all that is of interest to the racists. Beyond the present, nothing else matters. The period of time that has elapsed between the last Ice Age and today does not exist for the racists; it too disappears under the order of ideology.

All studies on brain volumes belonging to humans from the past have shown that, on all continents, they have decreased throughout the past 20,000-30,000 years. As a matter of fact, the most dramatic decrease can be noticed precisely in Caucasians – somewhere in the region of 200 cubic centimetres. If racists compared, using the same techniques that they use now, today’s Caucasian population with the Cro-Magnon, they would be compelled to accept that the difference in intelligence between our Palaeolithic ancestors and today’s Eurasians is more significant than any difference between any of the existing populations on Earth today. The entire structure of the racist ideology would collapse if one were to admit that today’s ’superior’ races – Caucasians and Mongoloids – are merely caricature-like degenerations of the Cro-Magnon, physically as well as (and even more so) from the perspective of intelligence.

As a matter of fact, all humans today are mere degenerations of yesterday’s humans, just as domestic animals are degenerations of wild animals. All studies show that animal brain volumes decrease following domestication. Thus, a dog even twice the size of a wolf will have a brain 10% smaller than the latter’s. Moreover, for similar sizes, the brain of a dog is 30% smaller than the brain of a wolf.

Just as in the world there are more and more dogs and fewer wolves, so there are more and more stupid people and fewer intelligent ones. The pressure of natural selection is no longer being exerted on human intelligence, just as there is no longer any pressure of selection exerted on the dog’s intelligence.

In order to have a suggestive image of phenomenon consisting of the decline in intelligence, all one needs to do is watch a map of the IQ levels throughout the world. The average intelligence on the planet today is 90 IQ points. The average IQ in more intelligent populations is 100-105. Keeping this IQ map in mind, let us remember that Koko the gorilla, raised and educated in a human environment, could achieve scores of 70-95 points in IQ tests. Because Koko had to overcome not only language and cultural barriers, but also the huge barrier between species, it is very likely that the IQ of this gorilla was higher than what her scores tended to indicate. Koko’s real intelligence is perhaps somewhere within the average values of human intelligence today and is perhaps even within the average values of those populations that racists label as superior.

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